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The Arrow Game

Launched September 2018

The Arrow Game may seem simple, but it is difficult to master as you advance through the levels things will get tougher. Do you have what it takes to complete the game? With full movement of the bow, including left, right and drawback power, you must shoot the coloured arrow onto the corresponding coloured segment of the spinning circle. Hit the wrong coloured segment, another arrow or run out of time and it’s level failed. Enjoy 100 levels of fast paced bow and arrow action! With special levels every 20th level it is sure to keep you occupied for many, many hours. Dare to take the challenge?

100 levels // 3 background colour themes for you to choose from // Drawback, aim and shoot! // Coloured arrow needs to hit the corresponding coloured segment of the circle // Varying levels with spin speed, spin direction, circle size, amount of colours, amount of coloured segments, amount of arrows and time all to try and beat!

Number of Downloads1,290
User Rating (out of 5)5
Number of App Updates0